500GB SSD Replacement/Upgrade

Fresh Install or Clone (read description)

  • 1 hour
  • 130 British pounds
  • Yarburgh Way

Service Description

500GB SSD (Solid State Drive) - Most computers these days now run from SSD's. They're faster, quieter and more reliable than the older HDD's. HDD's contain spinning platters where SSD's contain flash storage chips (similar to USB Sticks). - Fresh Install: A fresh copy of OSX will be installed on your machine. This will mean that no data will be saved. All Installed programmes will be lost. A fresh copy of OSX will be required if your old HDD or SSD has total failure. - Clone: This is where we clone your old HDD or SSD onto a new SSD. Zero data is lost and any installed software you have on your machine will remain intact. Your machine won't look any different to that when it came into us. The ONLY terms of a clone are: The new SSD must match the same storage or greater than the HDD or SSD you're replacing. For example, we can't clone a 500GB HDD/SSD onto a 250GB SSD as the storage is smaller.

Contact Details

  • 39 Yarburgh Way, York, UK

    01904 373373