FREE Dust Removal Service

(This service is dust removal only)

  • 15 minutes
  • Yarburgh Way

Service Description

Why is this so important and why is this Free of charge? ✅ Dust will limit your cooling fans from spinning at full potential speed. In turn, this causes overheating issues in the long run. ✅ Dust sits inside of your device and it does not move. Your fans can suck in moisture. Just like a sponge, dust will absorb this moisture and this can actually cause water damage to your device without you actually spilling water or liquid on your device. ✅ Dust will absorb heat, and again can cause overheating issues. ✅ Left to some extremes, if dust gets in between components (things like RAM Slots) this can cause a bad connection and stop your device from working properly. ✅ Your health - If you're working in a confined area, dust is not your friend. Your device will collect dust in the air, but this can also spread dust into the air if it escapes through vents. ✅ 5 minutes at the shop can save your device from seeing an early grave. Short term, not such a problem.... long term dust can reduce the life of your device. We want your devices to last as long as possible, and we're here to offer a free service for anyone who wants to take advantage of this service.

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  • 39 Yarburgh Way, York, UK

    01904 373373